Finite Element Analysis Capabilities

Engineers at CV-IDE work on the principle of early discovery, carrying out design reviews of concepts and where appropriate using finite element analysis (FEA) software to quickly and accurately assess the mechanical strength of concept parts and assemblies.

Setting a project on the right track early is essential to meeting short deadlines within project costs.

As part of detailed design, FEA software is used to assess the mechanical performance of the final design to ensure that it will conform to the requirements of the technical specification or prove compliance with relevant standards.  In many cases this can replace physical testing so negating the need for prototyping and testing, both of which can be time consuming and costly.  Through software the fatigue life and proof strength can be determined without testing to destruction expensive physical parts.

Our engineers have over 10 years experience using Solidworks Simulation a professional level FEA software package which works directly with model data produced in Solidworks; by being able to adjust the model within the FEA software the design and test process becomes seamless and fast.

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FEA Case Study: Motorcycle Pannier Bracket

FEA study of pannier bracket
Pannier bracket FEA report

Working on an in-house development project to design a new luggage system for the motorcycle market, our design and development capabilities find synergy with our interest in taking trips away on bikes. FEA provides the assurance that we are on the right track with our models.