Fleet-Management Smart Card Reader


Keyfuels were developing a new, advanced system for fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption across their commercial vehicle fleets by taking data from the vehicles’ tachometer and sending it to a central hub at each refuelling.


The electronics for an in-cab card reader unit was being designed, but thought needed to be directed toward the physical design of the unit. The unit needed to be robust and easy to use while not looking out of place in the drivers’ cab environment. Concepts were required before the chosen design would be developed for production.


A series of concept designs were sketched up by hand and the most promising ones developed as rudimentary models in Rhino. The selected design was then taken through a process of refinement and development in SolidWorks. The anticipated part-count was reduced from four injection-moulded parts to three during this stage. One moulding was also further developed to form an integrated light tube. Clip features were built into the part interfaces and these were tested using SLA prototypes. Further development was carried out until the final design was ready to go to production.