Tube Train Camera Installation


As part of an upgrade programme to underground trains, CCTV cameras are being fitted to ceiling panels in passenger saloons. New installation brackets and wiring management needs to be designed.


As the cameras will be mounted to hinged ceiling panels that will be opened for maintenance, the wiring will need to be managed in such a way to ensure that it does not buckle out of shape and become trapped during the opening and closing of the ceiling panels.


Through a combination of 3D scanning and reverse engineering from the original manufacturers drawings an accurate SolidWorks model of the saloon roof structure and hinged ceiling panel was produced, including other equipment and wiring that exist in the location area. Using 3D printers and modelling board a physical model was made onto which were fitted printed models of brackets of various designs and the behaviour of the conduit, in which the wires were to run, was observed during opening and closing of the panel. By this practical means we were able to define and prove the optimum design and positioning of the camera bracket and camera lead conduit.