Tube Train Floor Repair Equipment


During floor material removal, some units were found to have small areas of corrosion and pitting of the extruded aluminium floor planks and a means of addressing the issue was sought. One proposal was to machine small, stepped holes in the floor and bond patches in place.


To devise a means of milling out prescribed hole profiles in the car subfloor while accurately controlling the depth of cut. Equipment must be portable and able to be positions such that any area of corrosion might be effectively dealt with and be capable of being secured to the floor structure by a non-invasive means.


CV designed a sliding frame system with a series of templates of varying sizes and thicknesses which enabled a router to be used to cut out the corroded area while maintaining material thickness in the shoulder around the hole. The main carrier frame was secured to the ‘T’ sections in the subfloor by means of sliding jaws that are secured by tightening the hand screws. The template carrier frame is then moved to the correct position over the effected area of floor, positioned by means of a clear ‘target finder’ template, and then tightened in place. By selecting the range of templates appropriate for the size of the corrosion and by following the templates sequentially, a clean and precise hole is achieved, ready for bonding the patch.